Sabrina - Gorgeous! Amazing work, everyone!  (1/7/11, 6:10pm)

Eric Uys - Hi Lisa, love looking at your work, you and Jose share a vision of beauty and pure love in a soft and natural classical way, I wish we had better film developing services in my country but sadly, this has been in a massive decline and we find it hard to find film stock and there is no one left who can properly develop and scan film, you guys are so lucky!!  (12/19/10, 4:13am)

ben + laura - beautiful .. not sure what else to say.  (12/18/10, 9:40am)

Jen Curtis - Amazing!  (12/9/10, 9:06pm) - This is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous wedding and it is captured beautifully!  (12/7/10, 10:33am)

Lisa Lefkowitz - hi matt, while i am typically a fuji 400H and 800Z shooter, this wedding was shot on kodak 400 vc on my Contax 645 - all the night shots were done on a tripod at between 2-30 seconds. hope that helps!  (12/6/10, 1:36pm)

matt haines - Hi Lisa! Great work as usual! Inspiring to see other photographers using film. For those night shots, would you mind sharing what film you used (for the color)? A lot of shooters seem to 'punt' and only shoot the dark scenes in black and white, so it's nice to see a reception shot in color!  (12/6/10, 1:25pm)

*holly. - beautiful! ...every image is divine.  (12/6/10, 11:45am)